Light - Unhopped

Light - Unhopped


24 August 2018


Unhopped Concentrated Wort

SRM: 3
Malt: 100% Lager malt Black Rock

Unhopped light malt extract is light in colour and smooth in flavour. The concentrated wort is mashed and boiled using 100% NZ lager malt. Ideal to make pale ales, lagers and pilseners.

Costly, time-consuming all grain processes are not necessary to create quality craft wort at home. Discerning home brewers are always looking to improve their brewing techniques and beer quality. With this in mind, the master brewers at Black Rock have expertly brewed the highest quality fresh wort in a state-of-the-art Krones brewery, using only the finest fresh NZ malt before gently evaporating to 80 brix for your convenience.

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